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Auto-Shipment ACH Schedule

Auto-Shipment Online Ordering Period (to pay by credit card) Deadline to Enroll in ACH with MeyerDC Ship Date ACH Date
Obagi Opening Order - Kit 1 Past Past Feb. 19 Apr. 21
Obagi Opening Order - Kit 2 Past Past Mar. 18 Apr. 21
Obagi Opening Order - Kit 3 Past Past Mar. 18 Apr. 21
February Auto-Shipment Past Past Feb. 25 Apr. 6
Jan Marini Retail 2/26 - 3/11 Mar. 8 Mar. 18 Jun. 4
March Auto-Shipment 3/11-3/17 Mar. 14 Mar. 25 Apr. 25
Jan Marini Backbar 3/25 - 4/7 Apr. 4 Apr. 15 Jun. 17

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have ACH on file with Meyer, do I need to contact Meyer customer service to request extended terms?

No, everyone with ACH on file with Meyer will automatically receive extended terms on orders listed in the above table.

Can I use ACH for certain orders?

You always have the option to use your credit card during the online ordering period. Any orders not placed on a credit card will be shipped and charged with an ACH withdrawal according to the table above. If you enroll in ACH, you will not be able to rescind your ACH authorization until the withdrawal is made for the Jan Marini Backbar shipment (June 17th).

If I already ordered my Obagi Opening order kits 2 and 3 on credit card, can they be changed to ACH?

Your ACH status applies to future orders. It is not possible to change the payment method on orders already in our system.

What if my location is changing hands during this period?

Any orders that have not shipped when your location changes hands will be cancelled. Any orders that ship prior to an ACH withdrawal will be the financial responsibility of the new owner.