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Knowledge Center FAQs

Q: How do I set up my tax exemption status?

Click Here to fill out a 3-minute questionnaire that will determine your tax exempt status. You will want to have a copy of your tax exempt certificate before clicking on the link.

Q: Where do I obtain a copy of my tax exemption certificate?

This varies by state, but, you should check with your state’s Department of Revenue website.

Q: What states does Meyer DC currently charge tax in?

These are the states Meyer DC currently charges tax in:

Q: What do I have to do to log into my Massage Envy Supplies account?

Multi-unit owners can log in using their Massage Envy email address (example, ). Each account was built with a parent/child structure and logging in will allow you to see all of your locations. Single-unit owners and managers can log in.

Q: What information will I be required to enter when I log in?

First, make sure you change your password. Next, you will want to verify that your addresses (ship to and bill to) are correct and you will want to enter payment card information. Everything else has been set up for you.

Q: How can I get my manager access to the site?

Log into My Account. In the ‘Manage Account’ section, click on ‘Sub-Account and Permissions’. You can set up your managers in this section.

Q: What if I want to change my ship to or bill to address?

Log into ‘My Account’. You will see a section called Edit Addresses. You can change address information here.

Q: Can I receive my invoices emailed to me?

Not at this time. Currently, invoices are sent with the order or mailed to your Bill to address.

Q: As I franchisee can I see all of my locations in one place?

Yes. Your account has been set up for this. If you log in and choose your parent account, you will see all of your locations listed. You can also make changes to your parent account when you log in.

Q: What do I do if I can’t find an item I previously ordered from Massage Elements?

We did complete a sku rationalization earlier this year. We reduced the number of skus even before we moved to Meyer DC. If you can’t find an item, your best bet is to call Meyer DC. You can also click on the ‘HelpME’ link on the homepage of the site.

Q: What will happen to the products I have on backorder at Massage Elements?

Massage Elements is currently working to complete all of the items that are currently in back order status. Meyer DC will be receiving a list of Franchisees with backorders. They will be contacting Franchisees over the next few days to discuss their backordered items and, recommend alternatives if available. If you prefer to cancel your order at Elements, you can call Elements to cancel and place an order with Meyer DC.

Q: How will warranty repairs be managed?

Contact Meyer DC at 1-888-400-0348 to request a warranty repair. This service is also available on items previously purchased at Massage Elements.

Q: If my accountant plans to submit a use tax for my supplies on my end, how can I make sure that Meyer DC does not charge me tax?

You have to complete a Tax Exemption Certificate within 24 hours of your order and you will not be charged tax.

Q: As a multi-unit owner, do I need to register each location with their respective sales certificates?

One sales tax certificate per state you operate in. If you own multiple locations, you will be required to submit one for each state.

Q: How can I confirm that my account was set up correctly with tax exemption status completed?

Verfiying your address is correct when you log in will ensure your account is set up correctly. You will know that your exemption is set up correctly when you proceed to checkout. If you are not charged tax at checkout, your tax exemption status has been completed correctly. Call Meyer DC if you feel you set up your tax exemption correctly but, you are still being charged tax at checkout.

Q: Where will the passwords for the clinic email addresses be sent? Will they go to the clinic email or to the clinic owner’s email?

They will be sent to the Clinic email address.

Q: If I am paying taxes on retail items I purchase from Meyer and, I’m paying taxes to the state each month, won’t I being paying taxes twice? How can I avoid this?

You will have to complete a tax exemption certificate.

Q: Can I set up 2 accounts, one tax exempt (items purchased for resale) and one taxable (items that will not be resold), on the site?

No. You can’t set up multiple accounts at this time.

Q: What is the phone number I call with questions after the launch of the new site?


Q: Where can I get a copy of the Meyer DC W9 Form?

This is online and available in the Knowledge Center section of the site.

Q: If I was using Meyer DC in the past, do I have to set up a new account with Meyer DC?

All Massage Envy locations have been set up with an account at Meyer DC. You will have to set up your payment card information (even if you’ve done this at Meyer before) and you will have to set up your tax exemption certificate. You should also check your addresses but, everything else is all set up.